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What are our aims?

Each and every assignment has a different goal, defined by our customers themselves. We fulfill our customers' exact expectations - to the word.

Our HighTech Translations team is experienced in a diversity of business fields, enabling competent translations whatever your line of business.

Data communication:

Transfer your documents und manuscripts to us either per email with attached Word Document, on disc or CD-ROM.

Naturally we also accept assignments in printed form or faxed.

Our specialities include the following for which references can be provided upon request.


Professional localisation of advertisements, trade fair posters etc from people with a vivid feel for the English language and how best to get the desired message across to the target group in attractive English.

Our translators are invariably professionals and native speakers for subject areas with high specifications. The diversity of the HighTech translations team's experience ensures competency in the following fields:
Ad hoc Announcements, Biotechnology, Cavern Engineering, Chemistry, Electronics, life Sciences, Medical Technology, Music lyrics, Oil and Gas, Physics, Sugar Industry and Tourism.

We deliver the optimum solution for your assignment. The highest quality within the agreed time.

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HighTech Translations Buglass GBR

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